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New Dead Chat Peeking Class?


What would be a good role for looking at the dead chat?
I think some qualifications are:
Blue Dragon (/ Neutral?)
Limited talking to dead chat (Maybe Y/N Questions or only able to talk to one BD at a time)
Unlikely to appear
Limited uses of talking to dead chat


I think the class should have some other abilities as well, other then just peeking at dead chat.

It should also tell the dead scum if there is one of those classes so scum wouldn’t out their whole team by accident.

Also I think it shouldn’t be able to talk to the dead imo.


Maybe perhaps have the BD Dead Chat separate from The Unseen Dead chats?


That could work, but I’d also like to talk to BD when I’m dead as unseen or cult and vice versa.


When this class dies, the chats would auto group together into one.
I know you might wanna talk to the BD, but you can’t both have cross contamination and BD-Only info


Veto’ed. The dead do not exist in the context of the game. Mostly for practical reasons as the existence of a class like this means the dead players would be taken hostage.


If the dead do not exist, then please kick people out of the match as soon as they die, if not sooner


Mhm. That in fact is exactly what happens. They can of course still spectate if they want but their role as participants is revoked the second they die


No, I mean kick them out. They shouldn’t be able to watch. Oh, and get rid of spectators while your at it.




The dead not existing in the context of the game does not lead to the conclusion that they can’t watch the rest of the game anyway.


But the dead do exist.

What do you mean by this?


Dead people often leave in order to join another game when Killed. Having dead interaction makes this impossible to allow while still maintaining balance, thus it keeps them hostage.

That’s why dead interaction is something you need to go all in for. In order to have any of it you must have a lot of it. Not to mention it breaks many ability’s (in that it makes them not work).


Not in the context of the game.




Possession, Disguise and Defile

Reap too somewhat.


This is why I made this thread. Working out everything. No class is perfect at it’s job.


Great. Well the bigger issue is that it is using something that doesn’t exist in the context of the game. AKA: dead players.

Another example would be private notes.


You know what else is essential that doesn’t exist in the context of the game?

Social Deduction.

Yet it is essential to play the game.


Mhm. And you infact cannot have a mechanic that uses “social deduction” as an input.