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[Neutral Special] Peace Lover



Prince shouldn’t be the exception tbh.


You can’t technically kill Prince


Then make this a vig that only works on killers so it can kill prince


Peace Lover killing people are abit nonsense to me lol.


Balance > Lore


You could rework the lore to fit balance, as this will be hugely BD-sided a majority of the time.


I will think of that, but right now, i think its kinda ok?


Everything goes back to that wincon.
I’d want to see a rework for this idea to work.

Maybe it wants to see all killers in game die, so that it’s scumsided / bd-sided depending on who dies early, but then it does get screwed over by bad rolls.


I do like how you designed their survivability.


If Killer wasnt attempting to commit murder, they will still count as normal person to Peace Lover


And all scum killers need to kill, while BD don’t do that all the time necessarily.

Especially since how you added the clause about Prince being excluded (tbf it does relate to abilities but that can be worked around)


What I’m trying to get at here is that the current proposed wincon isn’t impactful nor interesting to play as/against.


But the idea behind getting rid of killers is interesting if repurposed


I would be appreciated if you can help me about that.


I think these could be a good start. Maybe since it’s more true neut it would gain one time immunity


I will take a serious look on that then.


Just made some changes:


Also this class is a direct threat to NK so being immune to death once kinda… painful for them.


Why is Prince an exception again?