Neutral Special - Magician

Neutral special - The magician(unique) (I am too lazy to think a name :P)


Magic shield:Same as resolve,holy blessing.

(Day ability)

Guiding:Two charges.Make Magician and the target player immune to occupy and framing tonight.But anyone who target them also won’t get occupy and framed tonight.

See through All:Unlimited charges,Knows the target player what notification he gets on his ability this night.(Won’t show if it’s attack,convert,gossip or healing.)

(Night ability)

Silence spell:Unlimited charges,Make a target tomorrow can’t use any ability,vote and talk.(can’t target a person twice in a roll)

Magical trap:Three charges,Unusable until N3,If a neutral class player visited Magician’s target tonight.The neutral player will get attacked.(bypass death immune)(Can also Target King)

Goal:Survive to see all neutral class (Include NK)player(expect Magician)fail his goal.

P.S. If one neutral player success his goal, Magician’s goal will change to let Unseen / Cult win.But doesn’t know who they are.

Also,if a neutral become Neutral king .It doesn’t count as Magician failed the goal.But if the king survived to the last,Magician will fail his goal and loses.(Same as Alchemist)

Only appear in 16 player matches.(Otherwise it’s not really balanced)

EDIT 1: Changed Binding to See Through All and Make Guiding two charges.
EDIT 1.2:Changed Magicial trap from two charges to two charges.

A neutral who needs to make all the other neuts lose isn’t good.

This is called Prince.

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Interesting idea, but having the goal change upon failure instead of just failing seems kind of odd.

Pretty powerful class that doesn’t have any way to find non-nks, and its pretty easy for a fool to just suddenly win anyways or a scorned to go unnoticed in the current meta.

No way to kill alchemists though, so one d1 alch later and the only way to win is somehow persuading bd to kill them.

I’d recommend you remove the goal changing part and just give Magician a limited killing capability instead of a silence spell that doesn’t bypass death immunity (3 or 4 should be alright), which would probably not do all that much against a neutral anyways, since by the time fools are known, they are either executed during the day or during the night by prince.

Perhaps instead of binding day ability instead replace it with the assassin’s silence or force vote. Doesn’t seem all that useful in my personal opinion considering the Magician’s objectives of stopping all the neutrals, and seems a bit too ineffective. Your not going to know something bd doesn’t already know cause you can’t invest, so stopping someone from acting in the night means you just basically unfairly stop nk win, often if you know who nk is though bd already executed them. vs alchemist or any other neutral like fool, scorned, or so? probably not. occing alch does nothing, and occing a fool or scorned’s frame might be useful, but pretty situational in the current meta for a infinite move.

I changed Binding as you requested,but not silence or force vote.

Because it doesn’t worth it.When magician doesn’t know the player if it’s neutral.Using force or silence is bad.

reason is,If magician doesn’t change his goal.It will serve bd or leave,which is bad.

There is,actually.Plant a trap in prince,so that it can kill alchemist.

counter day ability is a good counter for NK,since now these three NK is good at day ability.

I once afked as an d1 alch and won the game. Spent like all game making a deathnote. Only random yolo’d to show it off. Never would have killed otherwise, or if magician was a thing that existed.

Not bad of an idea though

Why isn’t it good?

Old Sorc and Inq were removed for this reason, as they required the other one to lose in order to win. Imagine being an Alch, while having a Magician trying to kill you at all costs. What if Fool gets a lucky d2 victory? And Sellsword forces Magician to be a neuts out BD survivor. This class is very swingy, and killer neuts such as Inq and Alch might find it best to try and remove them if they ever out. In addition, its abilities aren’t very good for accomplishing its goal.

Also, Pretender only came into ToL because starting Neut King was removed. The devs and the community never liked the idea of a thunderdome between two neutrals.

The main issues with this class is that it depends a lot on luck (the only alch dying n1 is such an easy win), it is dependable on other neut classes, and that it forces a thunderdome situation.

Perhaps two neutral classes designed to make each other lose might be fine (even though i would discourage it), but perfectly balanced neutral classes which have a counter to them wouldn’t.