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Neutral Showdown Preview


Is it too late to do a /Pre-In as well?




lynch will just probably most likely be decided via who people dont like but whatever.

or strong class.


so yeah fakeclaim if you have an OP class.


There are many classes that become more powerful when specific targets are lynched so people would have to keep that in mind as well when picking a lynch target.


Ok, Ive changed several classes and here are the rules that I’ve decided to use:

  • Last 3 players alive win (Twins count as a single player for this)
  • Game will be flipless
  • Game will have plurality lynch only, both day and night will last 24 hours.
  • People can send private message to each other as long as they invite the host.
  • There will be normal feedback

Im still debating whether it’ll be better to change the goal to last 2 players instead though, 3 seems a bit too much. Thoughts?


Twins should be separate as that’s powerful to have a four team IMO


/Pre in

I don’t see Fire Emblem mafia starting for a another couple days.



This game will be a while afterwards


Still Pre inning cat.


That’s one of the reasons I was thinking of lowering goal to 2 living players instead of two, so whoever allies the twins still has a number’s advantage but not as big.


Added a new class: The Diplomat


add a xed nk


also are the twins human?