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Neutral Showdown Preview


Have you looked up other FFA games?


I think it would be cool if you had lots of secondary wincons kinda like secret mission risk, have a list of all secondary wincons but not have them flip upon death


funnier idea:add a hider type role who must visit someone each night or be modkilled and their goal is to survive



Only FFA game Ive played before was a pokemon themed one here on the forums, dont remember the name


I could add quicklynches but my plan was to make it plurality to give people more time to use day abilities (remember what happened at the end of bastard anniversary mafia? Im trying to avoid that)


Ngl, I feel like that’s the best idea.


Alright, though I’m not certain this game is going to be fun like last time.


Ok, so few polls:

  • Make it plurality lynch only
  • Make it majority + plurality lynch

0 voters

  • Last player standing wins, but there will be 2nd and 3rd place winners
  • Last 2 players standing win
  • Last 3 players standing win

0 voters

  • Make classes flip on death
  • Make the game flipless

0 voters


at final three is a jury vote boom all 21 players vote on who played the best ex clap


Its already on queue, I think it’ll start after the fire emblem game


K just wondering

I may be back probs a couple days after it starts.

I may join depending on how long the fire emblem one lasts


I changed the Count, you may want to check it


So much better


I like how Loan Shark wants to be the last one alive


I think it’s meant to be that way?


No Livi, Nuuu


One more poll;

  • Normal Feedback
  • Limited Feedback

0 voters


Normal is best


Balance wise, are there any classes that look too OP/UP?


Entertainer looks UP at a first glance.

Weak in most areas.