Neutral King Rework

Neutral King

Neutral Special

Passive: Tenacity - Same as now

Day Ability 1: Point Finger - Extra vote still (unlimited)
Day Ability 2: Decide fate - blablabla slam (1 use)

Night Ability 1: Safeguard - Grant yourself death immunity tonight (2 uses)
Night Ability 2: Old tricks - Use your original classes secondary ability (3 uses)

Goal: Complete your original classes win condition

Note: for merc he can use shield even if it triggered before being elected. However once it triggers it will be disabled again, so a merc king cannot win if crowned before gaining any brilders.

Fool King will use hide
Sellsword will use intimidate.
Merc will use shield
Inquisitor will use RE
Scorned will use disguise
Alchemist will use emerald potion

For the record. The reason a fool would want to become King is to get rid of the poor fellow passive.

Fool too easy.
Sellsword too easy.
Merc as you said can actually lose if crowned so thats a no-go.
Inquis too easy.
Scorned too easy.
Alch remains the same.

Getting King isn’t supposed to be easy. Successfully aquiring it as an NE should be rewarding.

Fool/SS/Inquis/Scorned are supposed to be able to easily win once they become King at the cost of not being able to easily just out to get king in the first place.

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Faking Princess/ Pretender/ CW is not that difficult and those are very much likely to get crowned.

Which should be less true if it’s repeatendly ending up with scorned and SS Kings.


So an inq could potentially get6 uses of RE

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Pretender King turns into this lol

Pretender King is pretender king. She stays as is