[Neutral Killer] The Depender


Hail to the king is bad idea for a few reasons:

  1. Meta will require The Depender to use it. Then King will have to “confirm” defender or be outed as evil King. This will give town at least one if not more confirmed kills. This makes it more OP than Prince.

  2. Hail to the king has no relation to the other abilities and seems only to exist to confirm the depender.

  3. Other BD classes have a penalty for killing BD (except Hunter) which is delayed bleed.

  4. Stealing and taking people in and out of roles /alignments is a mess. What happens to those people? Eg what happens to current assassin?


Well they will suidice
Or Assassin will become their previous converted class if that slot is available

A death immune bleed immune townie with 3 kills is beyond OP. Prince is supposed to be the most OP role in the game and doesn’t have bleed/kill immune for that reason.

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You didnt read did you?
She will lose bleed immune and death immune only work once if become BD

So not only does the Depender kill an Unseen they could lose another due to suicide?

That’s pretty shitty.

I will sure remove Hail to the King but im still thinking of the passive interaction

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I did read. That is too OP.

Depender kills BD n1
Uses Hail the King D2
N2 gets confirmed kills a player on King advice
D3 King announces confirm
N3 kills again
—-D4 first time that they can be killed.
So N4 use last kill

That is a ton of kill power. It’s too much that scum can’t defend against

Town doesn’t get death immune like almost if ever. Or bleed immune unless physician. There has to be a mechanical reason.

  1. Removed Hail to the King
  2. Adjusted BD from losing bleed immune and death immune work once to lose both immune
  3. Reduce Killing action after choosing BD from 3 use to 2 use
  4. Added Unseen interaction which make Assassin become their previous converted class if available.

What happens if the assassin is the starting assassin?

And how does this work with the spawning rules?

Then i will make the assassin will dead in the place of the converted unseen

Adjusted: Making Assassin will die in the place of converted unseen

See this is much simpler just making a neutral squire who becomes the class they kill :man_shrugging:

It really isn’t

Alright, everything seem fine so far!
Also the unable to talk with other Cults include unable to see their actions