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Neutral G! Turbo - The Modkiller, The Fool and The Massturbator win!


GOOD NEWS I’M FEELING BETTER! Thanks @Solic for wishing me better again.

G! Turbo! - Wazza Edition

Due to not enough classes yet. The thread for GI turbo is not yet being used. Grand Idea FoL - Turbo Edition.

Average Rules.

  • Game starts at 9:30pm GMT or when it get’s 7 players.
  • Days are 15 minutes. Twilight is 2 minutes. Nights are 5 minutes, unless I’m a failure and extend it.
  • Early day actions will be processed during the day, late day actions will be processed during Twilight, due to me being a failure once more.
  • There can be more than one King, but only a King election will take place once there are no Kings remaining.
  • I’m on PC, so don’t have mercy, feel free to make me want to die.
  • The amount of players are infinite but there must be at least 7 players.
  1. Isaac_Gonzalez
  2. Lightsin - Lynched D2
  3. GamerPoke - Lynched D3
  4. Simon - Modkilled D1
  5. Soul - Dead D1
  6. Sam17z and Firekitten
  7. BlueStorm


There is no line for classes until the game begins.

Classes will be watered down if they are not able to be used in Turbo, if classes can not work in turbo situations like this, they will be re-rolled.


Neutral G! Turbo - Everyone is a Neutral.



Any of y’all want to join?


Sorry, I can’t.


It’s cool.


But schoooool


Still /oink


Starts in like 2 hours and a half anyway.


Really need a non turbo GL


wait. nvm it’s like 3 hours and a half sos lol


Don’t worry. Bluestorm requested one.


/can unless someone else wants to host it

I’m out.


Ill check if I have time when this is close to starting


Should I host this then leave.

  • Yes then leave
  • No just leave

0 voters


I can try to host this, If it starts in about 3 hrs
(Re do chem test, fun)


But also /confirm


Was gonna join but probz gonna get canned.


/in if this starts after 4:15 EST


still in btw


This is not being canned.