Neutral Evil (A workaround to the problem of Neutral Killers)

Neutral Killers are, by no stretch of the imagination, Neutrals who kill. But not all Neutrals that have a Neutral Killer’s Winning condition must be “Killer”, For example, a Butler-like Neutral “Killer” who is practically identical to a butler with the goal of a Neutral Killer. Well, it’s clearly not a killer, nut it’s a Neutral “Killer”.

I propose: Neutral Evil, a special title for Neutral “Killer” Wincons.

What currently changes: Nothing

What could change: Neutral Non-Evil Killers could be brought into existence, as well as Neutral Evil Non-killers.

There’s a reason neutral killers have their win condition and killing powers at the same time

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Is there also a reason as to why Prince is Not Offensive?

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I have to agree with jakey babes

Because the prince most important function is killing, it’s a blue dragon killing. We don’t have hybrids

If you think there should be a class with the NK win condition who can’t kill I’m disappointed

nah But I believe prince is offensive

The Prince has at most 3 kills. Without them, it’s a glorified Occupier.

What about a Neutral Killer who isn’t a Neutral Evil?

Yeah, so that’s the issue you are having with prince. Great, I think it should be a special class. But that doesn’t have anything to do with your original post

What you are suggesting is we give a class that doesn’t have any killing powers, a neutral killer win condition.

Butler should Be Special as well, as it has a killing ability.

I also later suggested The opposite.

Prince’s primary ability (jail) does the effect of multiple types at once. Specifically occupy (offensive), Prevent visitors (Support) and opens an anonymous line of communication (Social). Thus Prince should be Special.

Butlers primary ability only occupies, thus he is offensive.

Without occupies, the prince is a glorified killer. You can’t choose to leave one out just cause you want to prove your point, because it doesn’t. First thing first, the reason butler isn’t special is because the class isn’t meant to be focused around killing, while the prince has a lot of functions, killing people is one of the most important functions in a prince kit due to the game being unbalanced without it.

What you are suggesting is we do something arbitrary for no reason. Neutral killers main goal is killing.

Explain Sellsword’s 2nd main ability then Stonewall.

nuke is much better handling straw mans then me

I freeze up whenever someone does that because I don’t know how to respond to them lmao

Having a neutral with too much kill power besides the NK creates a lot of unnecessary swing.

And if it simply has a little bit of Kill power to compliment some other effect then the other effect would decide the type. For example inquisitor is investigative despite having 3 Kills because the Kills compliment his goal while investigation is critical for it.

NK with the goal of a Sellsword

Sellsword has 2 distinct main abilities. The only other class with that property is Knight.

Either way Intimidate is offensive while stonewall is debatable for being offensive or support. Thus he is mostly offensive.

Also a butler with the goal of a neutral killer is an offensive class lmao

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