Nerfing Princess Flirt

Make Flirt give only “yes” or “no” feedback, and give Princess a day ability to choose what Flirt checks for: k/o, s/i, or s/s.

Would make Flirt exactly half as strong*. I think Princess is too strong since apparently it’s forcing every Assassin and NK to claim Knight in every game.

*I think

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This is more bad play on their part, tbh. When I used to play ToL I used to claim all sorts of off-meta shit as Assassin or NK and I was never outed by a Princess this way.

The odds of a Princess being in play alone isn’t that great. The odds of a Princess being in play and you being checked is lower. Assassins even more than the NK as they are easily expandable.


Ok but what about the rest of us neanderthals

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I mean, no one is forcing you to claim within your flirt results, and it’s not like knight is the only fakeclaimable K/O BD class anyway – I know I’ve faked both Drunk and Butler.

If you’re gutsy enough you can sometimes even get away with claiming you were framed. Like, I have on multiple occasions been found K/O N1 as Assassin, claimed framed Observer, and had people believe it for some reason. On one of those occasions they executed the Princess for being a Scorned accusing the BD obs, had them flip real Princess, and continued to think I was fine.

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Thanks, but for the rest of us mortals, what can we do?

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Learn to fake classes other than Knight? It’s not like Princesses are remotely guaranteed, and faking offensives is a learnable skill.


While I disagree with you saying princess is too strong it’s underwhelming Underpowered.

But I do somewhat agree that princess does limit claims and can be a bad thing

Faking offensive is pretty difficult as NK personally it’s not like you can just claim offensive and get away with it if bd are smart

The factor of princess making classes claim in certain category is bad and discourages playing outside of claiming knight.

Claiming squire helps you win 30% more games

That’s a dirty tactic ;/

All is fair in love and war

But seriously. Getting caught by a princess is part of the game. Princess has the unique effect of affecting the game without even being in it, much like how scorned while not being in the game still makes people yell out frames sometimes.

It’s an illusion. It’s a trick to make you claim knight when you are assassin. Do not fall for this illusion, the same as you don’t fall for the obvious scum claiming framed. The chances of it is low.


Princess has no reason to be nerfed.

Can we just end the debate there?

Princess needs to be changed but buffed.

I don’t agree with flirt as an ability at the end of the day but, pretender is way more of a problem

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Also trying to brain storm new investigative ability ideas if anyone wants to help plz.

Right now I’m working on a investigative rework.

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what if flirting a killer who does nothing that night shows them social/support? or if flirt had something more generally to do with abilities used

That defeats the purpose

not if the purpose is to get clues regarding someone’s class. it doesn’t defeat it. just adds more room for counterplay. makes it less 1-dimensional

but princess counter play is to claim the same class type