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Necromancer's Revenge necromancer and vengeful spirit wins!


nothing. i only did that for BD deaths. vengeful spirit must defeat the BD unseen did nothing wrong.


Lol ok i still wonder how i got hit by tables a curse shouldnt give me a physical body


Well you obviously weren’t a vengeful spirit until you died. :smirk:


joke is that no one knows you are a spirit till you died


You played a really boring style where you just afk and submit night/day actions (you needed both to not get prodded) and that is indicative of prince or NK.


Soz for the lynch bazinga


/blame margaret


no blame nerbins.


No, I didn’t. :eyes:


no pr00f someone did.


goes to look at my messages to find who diid


“Really boring” :eyes:, but you made that comment after I was actually starting to lead lynches unto you for instance.


He did, Hjasik was jailed by Marges last ability usage.


To be fair, I only used the Squire ability once to get the noble ability, but the design is inherently really swingy. Get a Squire out early and Necro/spirit/Saint gain a lot of options.


No you only started talking after I called you out and I had already made my read by then. Firekitten warned me for angelshooting your ass so hard


because it was completely wrong i forgot to prod some people lol


everyone did a good job there happy


You can say that, but I was just legit busy those days. Activity is NAI. I think I was asleep when a wagon was building on me actually.


also solic plz no don’t do it :frowning:


You don’t like post game death tunnels? :thinking:

I’m proud of how I played here and I just don’t like that people would say I played boring. I think I played flashy enough and took plenty of risks.