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Necromancer's Revenge necromancer and vengeful spirit wins!


yeah Celeste is the goddess of RNG is what I’m saying


Wait who was the Nk again, I cant scroll up and dont want to restart chrome




Uh wasnt it necro and vengful spirt win i won as long as bd lost


No vengeful spirit doesn’t exist anymore


Oh yeah YOU WIN!


Btw you forgot my locked in msg lol XD its fine there but geez


It’s over?
Better player wins as usual.



Solic played better then all of them though I agree NOT many people played well this game


@H_Hjasik you relied heavily on mechanics tbh however you played well


thats what ToL does to ppl


okay you know you can stomp people in tol if you try to read people and don’t rely on mechanics


Honestly I hate playing as scum. I really wish I didn’t get converted lol

Pretty sure I’ve been scum for the past few games… Ritual, Jungle, Triple Threat


But Massclaim is still the best strat, which is why I’m always laughing when its being used.


Also fun fact,

I like rolled prince in 2 games at almost the exact same time lul


Mass claim just told who they should bleed. If htm didn’t claim prince bet he wouldn’t be bleeding


you cant rely much on reads in ToL cuz if you start to analazy too much you wont keep up with the game speed


Literally the night phase and trial is the time you do it


A NK win doesn’t tend to happen if a lot of people play well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks Blizer, but then Marl dropped as Squire and gave me access to everything.