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Necromancer's Revenge necromancer and vengeful spirit wins!


Also butler poisoning king shouldn’t get their dead Ability same with poisoned king


Did everyone use their dead ability?


Did you think it was imbalanced in scum’s favour?


The bleeds is scum however dead screw everyone over late game


If Marl had died a Noble, the outcome of this game would have been the same anyways. Well I wouldn’t have been bled.


I think I know how to fix the unbalanced part but who’s the next SFOL person?


Wow you don’t say

Too bad the BD were complete fucking idiots


The correct play would have to jail and exe boss as we just converted him obviously, vote up Solic, then kill Sam in jail @htm

Wait u were bled

Rip yeah, shouldn’t have voted me tbh… BD always lost majority… Lol


Didn’t you bleed Htm? :thinking:


BD wasn’t in a position to win anymore as the only remaining BD were Htm and Hjasik. Htm was dying this night and Hjasik can’t kill or win 1vs1.


Did you like hosting this game Firekitten? I could sense some frustration.


They should’ve voted boss as king, had hjasik poison, get Solic to be killed, jail exe sam, and occ me again?

…nvm, htm dies to bleed so.

Yeah htm essentially just fucked everything up


If Boss would be king, you would be able to coordinate the votes on me with majority.


Not really


Sad, I enjoyed it a lot at the start, but the kingmaking situations were painful.


Now that’s what I call a bazinga!


If Solic isn’t prince he’s NK - me 10 days ago


Celeste guessed the entire scum team N1


Blizer captain and solic


but killed bazinga instead