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Necromancer's Revenge necromancer and vengeful spirit wins!


Sorry Hjasik, I pocketed you. :wink:


I’m sorry for this unbalanced game mode :frowning:


Can you invite me to dead chat?


Litten we can balance it


If gamerpoke would do his job


Also I was going to ping tech in dead chat but marl said mod bias

i was also about to ping htm so I just erased the ping so that’s kinda karma


It can be it’s just I did a terrible job


The outcome would have been the same likely. I would have had 4 accusation votes and Psycho king and could use decide fate.


nahhh don’t feel so bad

it’s just like Echoes
a little too much of scum spice


Squire dead Ability is op for necromancer


DId htm actually jail you and didnt exe?


He did


oh god


Also I learned how to use a spread sheet after this game



You would have lost sooner if he had though.


no if gamer poke did his job and HTM we would have won


Gamer debted Hjask BEFORE you said to debt boss


It was a little too late


well rip


I still think I did well this game. I was townread as Prince at some point and I tricked Livicus into poisoning his own king without getting any backlash for it. Also found the MM like day 2 without any mechanical information.