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Necromancer's Revenge necromancer and vengeful spirit wins!


You used it yesterday?? But didn’t you literally say you used it today


You can ask Firekitten. Marl bled me with his Squire ability.


Quote it.


I love how you’re so frustrated at this, yet you really don’t deserve this win with the plays you made in my opinion. :thinking:


I really just don’t care

I thought you used your ability today lmao





Don’t forget!!



Maxi is hammered.


Also since when was necro not immune to bleed??? @firekitten


Since when was he?


I can’t RN but if y’all keep posting y’all will be modblocked


Honestly thought necro was immune to bleed, firekitten why did you make him immune to one but not the other? I don’t get it


Shush shush shush


I’m a idiot


Max was a hunter solic is dead

Max is an assassin night starts and ends in 24 hours


If I get actions day starts


Why the fuck would someone convert the hunter n3

Fuckin hell


Bad max


Oh boy this is fun!

Sam was found dead, they were the mastermind.

Htm was found dead. They were the prince.

Boss is found dead, they were the assassin.
Since it’s a 1 V 1 and Hjask can only stall,

Also Hjask wined boss so it doesn’t matter what his action is.
1.BD relied way too much mechanics.
2.If htm executed solic BD would have lost sooner
3,Solic healed himself

I feel EXTREMLY BAD at how unbalanced this was. I literally asked three people and they were like “yeah it’s fine”


as expected :man_shrugging: