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Necromancer's Revenge necromancer and vengeful spirit wins!



Don’t we have 6 people alive


Majority should be 4

And Solic’s Noble ability doesn’t take effect until tomorrow


I’m not on trial and you know it @Firekitten



It’s paramount that you actually execute Sam this time or you will lose it for the BD.

I and you will die from bleeding.

Boss will die from my attack.

Hjasik will live, because he either parties or wines Boss.

That leaves Sam and Hjasik alive, if you do not execute Sam, the unseen will win over BD, so it is of absolute importance that you execute this time.


What makes you think I didn’t use it yesterday? :wink:


That means you kills Hjasik then so be loses if they do that xD


No, I’m going to kill Boss. Unseen doesn’t deserve this win and you took psycho king away from me. :eyes:



It’s already hammer anyways. 3 execute votes have been cast.


You’re conceding your hunter facade I see?


Or I’m going to take an arrow now. :wink:


It becomes a 1v1 of you vs Hjasik if you kill boss and Sam gets executed and IF firekitten decides to be stupid and execute me even though there’s no majority


6 people alive


Majority is 4

Does no one know how to count


Holy fuck you guys are legitimately stupid


I have a doublevote today. Check the VC’s.


No, I’m dying to bleeding tonight. I’m just a kingmaker and I’m siding BD, because the unseen doesn’t deserve it after having their MM found day 2.


You have it TOMORROW


I used it yesterday doofus. :wink:




Today is yesterday’s tomorrow. :thinking:


Incorrect. Who bled you? And you’re immune to poison, what makes you think we won’t think that you’re immune to bleed as well?