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NE Pretender Rework



Neutral Offensive

Passive 1: Royal Blood
Passive 2: Bid time - You are immune to death. When you become King you will become a pretender King

Day Ability 1: Distract - Silence target player for 20 seconds (2 uses)
Day Ability 2: Masquerade - Investigative classes will see you as a class of your choice tonight (3 uses)

Night Ability 1: Stalk - Obtain target players feedback and learn who visit’s target player (Unlimited)
Night Ability 2: Sweet talk - Redirect your first target to your second. You may make players self target (Unlimited)

Become King and see the Blue Dragon fall

Pretender King :crown:

Neutral Special

Passive 1: Tenacity - Immune to occupy and redirect. You may talk at all points during a trial.
Passive 2: Loyal Guards - Immune to death once

Day Ability 1: The Royal Finger
Day Ability 2: Decide fate

Night Ability 1: Background Check - Learn target players class (2 uses)
Night Ability 2: Audience - Whispers between you and target player are hidden tomorrow (2 uses)

See the Blue Dragon fall

New spawning rule: Only up to 1 Neutral Offensive may spawn per game. Pretender and Sellsword are mutually exclusive


Nuke how dare you get rid of the swap voting mechanic.


Overall doesn’t really have a lot of tools to actually become king. Seems a little too weak.


She can directly fake Observer, Princess and Drunk.


Well it’s pretty simple


Actually, Distract should be to switch targets vote around during the trial.


Could be


3 use? Too many?


If we did that it would allow a valid excuse for people to pardon a Confirmed bad guy


Btw the main method of Killing the King is to redirect a Killer onto the King

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Ooo that’s pretty smart

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Why isn’t pretender in FoL?


Good question


We must make a Pretender in FoL!

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Okay. Let’s think.
Obviously pretender can’t silence in FoL. But that doesn’t really matter

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Why can’t it just be NE who unlocks important abilities when becoming king

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I mean. It kind of is


Oh wait I see

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I mean make it goal to just see blue dragon win and most abilities will be locked unless they’re king



Anyway there isn’t anything fundamentally wrong with doing that. It just isn’t the approach I used

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