NDFM - Dead Villager Chat

Reminder that there is dead interaction in this setup.

What the FUCK

Well, crap

Marg dayvigged the townread cop

So yeah, I am a medium that can speak both day and night

I am sooooooo mad


My bud was Bluestorm

Don’t reveal that tho
He’s very likely Town

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That explain a lot

I would go for either Ici and those who scum-read Magnus today

Keep up with my reads though.
Pretty sure they are right

Magnus is scum

Like don’t avoid trusting Marg all the time

Slank vig can deal with him tonight then I guess

That’s the plan

Make sure Gamer doesn’t slank his way to victory

Check how much they post before EoD

Well, who is you scumread again?


Just sheep Luxy for the rest


Can you explain more?