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I like this question

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Of course

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Popular: No matter what anyone thinks about his ties to the Church of Scientology, it’s undeniable that Tom Cruise is a fantastic actor.

Unpopular: The mainstream DNC and mainstream RNC are cahoots with wall street, silicon valley, the media establishment, the military industrial complex, the intelligence industrial complex, and big pharma, which is terrifying.

Uncontroversial: The USPS is great and it should be saved.


Music box chimes petrify me.

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I’ve faced really serious mental health problems for my entire life that have only really manifested themselves while i’ve been taking rigorous coursework, which has only been the case for about two years of my entire life.

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what’s an incorrect assumption most people make about you? whats a correct assumption most people make about you?

Incorrect: I love theoretical physics
Correct: I love incredible, unexpectable twists in fiction

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Arete is by far the person I trust most on this planet right now so although it took some time to think, it’s fine.

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what is the question you were hoping to be asked?

I didn’t have anything particular in mind.

Oh damn thats a good question

N if you could be friends with anyone, who woukd you pick?

what’s something you wish I knew about you?

i’d pick my friend from elementary school hebrew school who moved to north carolina b/c his dad got an executive position at Epic Games soon after we both were bar mitzvah’d

he was by far the best IRL friend i ever had and I still miss him

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god this is tough
first i have to figure out what im pretty sure you don’t already know about me

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let me get back to you on that

can you flag this as spam I need one more

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False flagging is punishable

It’s not false tho