My suggestion for a pretender rework

Everyone is pitching ideas for how to change the actual pretender and how she has royal blood so she can beat most nonroyals in elections and blah blah blah. The problem isn’t necessarily the pretender although she could use a few reworks. (Like once she becomes king maybe you give her guards that can occupy someone or guards that can heal.)Whatever that’s not the point. The main problem is that besides noble/princess/maid the other classes with royal blood don’t want to be King. And princess/maid are also situational in whether they should be king or not. My idea is that you add more BD classes that have royal blood and are weaker than the king. Because besides noble every BD class’s ability is stronger than the king.

Basically there needs to be some reason BD doesn’t elect pretender as King correct. You could do this by making her like the sellsword but she is neutral. She shouldn’t have to side with evils.
Essentially by adding more classes that actually have a reason to contest King she inherently gets weaker because she has to give BD a reason to vote her over them.

I think Pretender needs to be more of a threat to elect. It doesnt matter if a non-BD Royal steps up or not, I still see a lot of BD want the Pretender as King.

Pretender should be a Sellsword like class that, after becoming king, only wins if the BD doesn’t

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