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Multiple bugs in 1 game


What happened? There was some lag at the end of the night making it take way longer than usual to switch to day, making me able to flirt twice in the same night by changing my target when timer was stuck at 0 seconds. After that, was unable to target/accuse certain people. Also sorc bombs didn’t kill anyone when detonated

What was SUPPOSED to happen? Only 1 flirt a night, be able to target everyone alive, sorc bombs must kill those who aren’t healed

Steps to reproduce: No clue

Comments: I know it are multiple bugs in 1 report, but since it happened in game, I decided to post them all in 1 post.

Link to output logs:

Screenshot of double flirt:

Screenshot of being unable to target certain players, even though they were alive:

Screenshot of sorc saying bombs didn’t kill anyone when he detonated them: