Movie Thread x+x

Discuss Movies. Rules:
Don’t discuss movies that came out years ago.
If you’re discussing movies that Came out recently, spoiler tag it.




Talks about The Great Gatesby.

Guys, Titanic

/Sinks your Battleship


Let’s talk about the Roundhay Garden Scene movie

Or One Piece Stampede

Something created in 1888 sounds recent enough to talk about


What about 2019?

Let’s talk about The Godfather
Objectively one of the best movies ever made

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Nah but have u heard off this cult classic Citizen Kane, I have seen it like 6 times, whats a rosebud?

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The Emoji Movie is Cinematic Gold.

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/Shoots Jake


Your opinion has been deemed not only subjectively, but also objectively wrong. That’s a rare accomplishment you should be very proud of yourself


End of Evangelion best film

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Are animes films if you watch them on Netflix?

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Only if it’ deathnote.