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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


Yeah what the heck.

you obviously know what the reason is


Null reads on scumbuddies typically comes from inexperienced scum. Usually the best course of action here is to either given them genuine reads or WIFOM it.


Vulgard, did you take any mafia lesons, that you started to notice important things? :’)


Having no day chat really hurt our game though, I feel. We could not coordinate our actions at all and I was not sure how to handle certain situations.


Meaning of WIFOM?



Oh, you had no day chat. Right.


Maybe that’s why all three of you jumped on my ‘lynch Marl’


lol not giving mafia daychat


Seems like that explains why it felt that the Mafia play was so disjointed. I typically tell my scumbuddies my intentions to prevent shit like this from happening.


I was happy noone picked up your townslip, when you said I had conferred something with my teammates haha.


Are mafia supppse to have day chat here?


I didn’t even realize it lol


no u


come up with an actual response and I will shut up
good day


stop liking this post
it’s bad and should feel bad


tfw only town/specs liked it


I used the simplest rolling mechanic


“Is Ashe Scum? If yes, rolling is done. If no, reroll.” and Repeat


It’s a single truth of forum mafia