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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


You did do a pretty decent attempt at powerwolfing when compared to your performance in SFoL28. Thing is getting town!Vulgard mislynched isn’t really an easy task. You should have picked on a player who has a more defaultly scummy playstyle like Maxi or Captain.


Forum M-ashe-ia
because ashe is always scum



Forum Marlia.

I have never seen town!Marl.


I didn’t want to actually select a target though. I just tried to roll with the punches and scumhunt as scummy posts from town players came up. The fact that town Vulgard is hard to mislynch also makes it more likely that I would not be a scum trying to mislynch him, because I precisely would have gone for “lower hanging fruit”.

I will take it as a compliment though :slight_smile: and I do want to say that I intentionally tried to make myself more of a target than whoever Eevee was in SFOL28, because converter > member.


town marl is funny
essentilaly what happens is that he reactiontests and finds scum day 1
then I form a townbloc with him
then I get suicide bombed
then he parties because inevitably the perrson he outed was the one who decided to kill me


then he dies of the plague


Also the whole Marl thing was a reaction test, and it worked extremely well considering I caught the entire scumteam

But convincing the plethora of inactives would be an arduous task so maybe it’s good the game got canned :thinking:


Tbh that works for my scum play as I have the uncanny ability to lock-on VIs as town, so yeah.


the other thing town!Marl does is that he always outs himself as Innocent Child if he rands that role so he dosen’t have to bother looking townie


The more you talk about town!Marl the more I want to finally see that


oh by the way @Memesky please don’t host Assassins in the Palace
it’s literally the best strategy to not play the game at all in it and nobody wants to do that


So this did not convince you? You were already suspecting it, that is why you asked me that question? What could I have had said to change your mind?


I was busy with games that shall not be named. I was gonna get down to business d2.


Which is why I avoid excessive multitabling.


I was dreading the wall of texts I would have to go for again during day 2, because my scumbuds did not want to kill you, but FireKitten instead. I thought I would have gotten away with “mafia is trying to frame me, that is why they killed Vulgard now, I am so ashamed that my reads are so wrong blaba”


I was already associating you three with each other, so I was looking for whatever reads you would have on one another. I did not quite like the fact you basically labeled both as null. You seem to have a habit of very indirect wording, and writing very long explanations when they are not needed. Like the fact you wrote an entire paragraph about Marl, but in the end only the last few words mattered. “I guess we will see day 2.”


It was fun though. At least for me. Sorry for the “brain cells” comment, but I thought for a moment that maybe being more direct would convince people to vote you.


This could be playstyle preference though, I am not criticizing you for it.


I assume that means joining too many games? I’m joining a lot to try different play styles.


Hmm, it is probably my non confrontational attitude manifesting. I will watch out for that if that is a scumtell for me. I should check if I do that in my town games as well. Thanks for the tips!


Vulgard had correct reads.

End of world is near D: