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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


1 more Out and Im out


Yeah this game is rip

/replace out


It’s the can curse…

It was on FK then me (but then cured) and then Memez




/in with my four alts


/out if this is dead

guess I’ll up my thread then in a little bit since I believe I’m next on the queue


So I wrote my walls of text with Vulgard for nothing. Shame on you all. :confused:


why did people start replacing out again


I blame you FireKitten :wink:


I cant really host anything if you leave cuz 2 people left tho,could have been ez replaced :frowning:

Mafia was : Marl,Ashe,Solic


Eh I got ashe!


Literally 2/3


We were also killing you tonight, so your /replace out leading everyone else to also quit was really unfortunate :confused:


You shoulda left a note on my door telling me you were going to murder me before I left my house to search for new discoveries


Any tips for me? I knew, I could not stay silent, since that was my SFOL28 (only scum game) strategy, so I had to take a different approach and emulate my towny self. Vulgard is a tough target for a mislynch lol. (I would have had him with plurality lynch though)


Did I give away my fellow scumteam? :confused:


Sorry memesky i was nearly replacing myself in.But it get canned


Lol that’s literally the scumteam i was going to call d2


But it would take a ton of convincing


Not necessarily, I simply analyzed the posts and found it odd that literally all three of you jumped on what was bad town play and not a scumslip