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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


/vote Ashe cuz I am sheep? cuz I agree with FK’s reasoning as well


Wait FK just accused Ashe after Marl said that… idk it kinda sounds like Marl was rite about the Ashe/FK so FK’s bussing to not look like scum.

FK doesn’t like bussing tho. So Ashe is prolly town and FK is killing Ashe since if he kills Ashe and she flips town that is no longer a possibility. It could be a coincidence but still…

This itself doesn’t make sense tbh

/vote FK

@Memesky VC plz?


Vulgard is my top TR
Anyone voting him needs to stop


If you don’t believe Vulgard is town, vote me instead


TIL that thinking someone is scum makes you scum :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:



Vulgard - Ashe,Solic,Margaret,Captain (4/7)
Sam17z - MaximusPrime (1/7)
Solic - Margaret,Marluxion,eevee,Vulgard (3/7)
Captain - Marluxion,eevee (2/7)
Ashe - Firekitten,Luxy (2/7)
Firekitten - Captain,htm (2/7)

  • Plurality + Majority starting tomorrow
  • Nope

0 voters

Night 1 has started with no lynch. I will take care of inactivity


/replace me out too thanks


(Rip, it looks like this game’s prolly dying…)


Please no :confused:




But i have too tho.It seems my mental health is not enough for that forum mafia games.


It seems Memesky is a carrier (meaning he is immune to it / but he has it) of the black Plague because all of the games he hosts dies (like he touches the games and they get the plague and die).

drop mic and leaves

Ace Attorney Forum Mafia - Town Victory!

No you guys just try to kill it now mouth shut :rage:


/replace out

the game is dead :frowning: too many inactives killed it.


I blame u


As in memes famous last words.
“no u”


I even had backups ready :frowning:


Don’t you think saying this game is dead is a bit too



wait did this die for real


/replace out

Kinda not fun when everyone replaces out (no offense Meme)