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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


Actualy scum does early and formal reads.


Tho I know you did it on purpose.


We only have a bit of time left until EoD and I have to sleep soon, so can people make up their mind please? (and vote Vulgard) This can end in no lynch, if we aren’t voting soon.

@Memesky VC?


Honestly even if we settle our differences and vote someone else, we might not reach majority

This game hasn’t been active enough for majority, I’d consider a switch to plurality if I were the host


Who would you propose to vote aside from me?


I don’t really like Ashe still, that’s why I asked for your opinion on her.

I would also consider FK but this seems risky


Since I came here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I am still considering fk.Explained reason too but this will end with no lynch


Tbh I really don’t want to vote solic or vulgard as I see them both as town right now and I would rather vote Ashe.


Also this game is getting crushed because of other games that shall not be named.


I was suspicious of FireKitten too for just solely townreading folks at first, but he did change his tune and went for Ashe at least after that.

I know that FireKitten improved but I also do not see scum FireKitten leaving a town tell like this, which sounds genuine. He is referring to Cult in the Jungle game, where he was scum and probably liked it more, because of that.

Simultaneously, I think Ashe is weird for tunneling hard on Vulg, before he even made that wall of text on me (which to me was the most suspicious post). It would help if she posted more. I cannot picture them in a scumteam together, so I want to keep voting Vulgard, if those are the only other two options we are considering.


@Memesky What do you feel about majority->plurality

This is impossible for town unless activity suddenly sparks (you may use the power of your memes to raise interest)





(but wouldn’t that be bastard game)


I am agreeing more with Firekitten’s reasoning on Ashe. Solic vs Vulgard seems TvT for me right now at least.


/vote Captain


/vote Ashe




Thank you for your valuable contribution.


What’s FK’s reasoning on Ashe?

Too lazy busy to go read



Why did I just vote my town read for pressure :man_facepalming: