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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


And Marl i see your vote but it was naked tho.Wondering it was for what


Firekitten would not get lynched here anyway at this point d1.I am just casting vote


Your logic this game so far has made 0 sense to me

I would like to acquiesce a reads list from you in addition to the reasons behind it


Casting a vote to make a point? Scummy as fuck


Casting a vote to get answer.We will not get him lynched with that time i mean


I don’t mind it.

I was sheeping. I wasn’t meant to add anything, lel.


@Marluxion I’m too lazy to check. Who are you voting rn?





You got it right babe.

/vote Captain


temptation to sheep is strong

resistance mode activated


Yeah my tunnel today is too deep


Sheeping sus


Best explanation i ever heard for voting sheep tbh.Are you making yourself sus on purpose ? I saw your other town plays and you were not like this.SO MUCH SUS NOW
/vote Vulgard



I recognize you as town for this, so please stop.

I was joking.


Please don’t make yourself sus.This doesn’t seem like your town plays.That is why i voted.I mean in general.I kinda agree with your reads on Solic tho


Okay chief :+1:


And since when sheeping is suspicious :’)


What did I say about early and formal reads?






I knew you’d pick up on it