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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


Well, there you have it. If you do not see how many things Solic intentionally omitted and did not address in his post, then I encourage you to look for it.


tbh i’ll rather vote ashe now that I think about it. I WAS town reading them but now i’m not because it doesn’t make sense.

Honestly I don’t even know why mafia would try to mislynch marl. They could just kill him at night and be done with it. The fact that I explained this to them. and

She doesn’t even know why they would do it and they kept their vote on him still. Feels like mafia trying to get a mislynch tbh.

tbh this feels like a post that you would put when you know your reason is bad so you gave another BS reason like “i’m scum reading them”

I like how you switched from the fact that they were trying to mislynch to the scumreading part because you know it isn’t a good reason. I actually want to know why you switched the reasons from the start.

/Vote Ashe I feel like vulgard and solic are town and they are just fighting tbh.


To be honest, I’m afraid we won’t reach majority on anyone due to relative inactivity.


I feel like this is going to be canned imo


Since you did one for me, I’ll do one for you:

You first tried to gather support for a Marl lynch in order to either bus him for town credit, as he will probably be attacked early anyways, or mislynch him period. After experiencing backlash of several players, you decided to try and fade in the background again. After you have initially made that push, you have to keep pushing Marl though to keep up the farce or you would ook suspicious, so you continue to make comments here and there.

I start putting pressure on you a little after that as one of the players who were against lynching Marl solely on the fact that he has apparant strong leadership skills, so you must cast suspicion on me in order to stay safe yourself. You start with a naked vote to see if I give you anything that you can use to pull out of context and when I do not react to it, you pull back momentarily, because there is just nothing there that you can find that would actually make for a credible push against me. You self-vote to feign shame to cover that fact up and hope that I would drop it.

You go around a bit and try to simultaneously look towny and try to get rid of the heat that is currently on you by voting some people doing a read here and there and making apologies for yesterday, saying you were in a different frame of mind somehow. You ensure to get in some soft jabs about people that have casted suspicion on you previously, namely me. After I circle back and put my final vote quite clearly on you, you panic and go for a more offensive approach to try and discredit my accusation on you. You conjure this whole wall of text trying to say that I was scummy from the start and that I am out to get you since my first post. You might not have been able to mislynch/bus Marl credibly, but surely you will have no problem with a newbie like me.


Finally, I am flattered that you think I have the courage as mafia to go full on berserk trying to mislynch players at earliest opportunity and get away with it. I keep rolling town every game, except the SFOL 28, where I basically just tried to get people not to notice me and it is funny that you think this is my scum MO or maybe it has to be for you or you wouldn’t be able to get rid of me now.


Which is why I recommend you to not attempt starting a new wagon this late into the day. It’s either me or Solic, but I implore you to vote Solic, who is the scum here.

Despite all I said, Solic’s arguments still boils down towards the same thing. And also, he is still calling my vote on him OMGUS despite the fact I have already provided extensive reasoning.


This sentence makes absolutely no sense.

But aside from all that, this finally looks like a decent argument and it bothers me very much that I played without any semblance of thought early on. I know it seems completely unbelievable that I would flip such a switch. And that I picked perhaps the worst possible timing to do so. But those are the facts as I present them, and whatever you get out of it is up to you. Solic cannot reasonably see this the way I do, because he’s pushing me. Which leaves everyone else.

To be honest, I have strong feelings about the scumteam in its entirety, but I will reserve them for myself for now. I will only say this.

Solic. Your thoughts on Marl, and Ashe.


I am tired of arguing against you. We are rehashing things and I’d rather convince others, then respond to you more. It is quite clear that I have no doubts about you and vice versa.


I asked you a genuine question, I am done with my reasoning too.


Your extensive reasoning is just you saying multiple times that it isn’t OMGUS hahaha.


Stop making me lose brain cells.

I explained the entire motivation behind your actions, why it makes sense as scum, and why it does not make sense as town. And you are saying this is OMGUS.


If anything, I am making a mistake, not voting you because you vote me.

I should probably remind you you are not the only one on my wagon.


Ashe is somewhat null. She has memed around a lot and would be a good target to pressure as well to get more serious. I like that her vote is on you though.

I hate reading Marl since he never puts his reasons for voting people. I don’t know what his vote on me was, because I was “too polite” like what? I usually see pushes on me as towny though, EXCEPT when I precisely am pushing them as in your case. I have mostly ignored him, because apparently his reputation is that he dies n1 if he’s not scum. I did think he reacted very emotionally when you were arguing to each other and I would not be surprised if you were scum together and set that squabble at the start up. I guess we will see day 2.


I will be able to revisit this in a few hours.


Good, so we can argue more. :laughing:


Memesky won’t can this as long as we’re doing so. He must be enjoying the “no u”.


I wouldn’t word it “being too polite”
It’s more accurate to say it’s for “caring too much what people think”


which is indicative of scum


Well i started to think they are both town and fk tries to get town credit for wanting they are not getting lynched.And he is making town reads but not scum reads were sus.
/vote Fk


No, I don’t want to lynch Firekitten