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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


Same, that wall of text post made it crystal clear for me that you are scum.


And what do we do if this is tvt and the scum are fk/Captain/Ashe


I don’t like Eeve voting Solic without adding anything.
/vote Vulgard


If we force this and it’s tvt we could just instantly lose


Well if you sure it is not you you can vote me


Cause i don’t see you as locktown Marl


If you did, you’d be confirmed scum
No one is ever going to be lock town


You said you don’t like eevee and then you vote me?

Is this because you are townreading Solic?



@Solic why are you sure each other is scum. IMO voting any of you is bad right now as I believe you are both Town.


I’ve already stated my reasons, which stemmed our interaction afterwards.


/vote Captain


Also like hippo said omgus means you voted someone just because they voted you.

He provided a explanation as to why you are scum therefore it isn’t.


Also Eevee is not a sheep even if he seems like one, but that’s beside the point.


To be honest I feel like his vote had a different purpose.


Maybe I use some of these terms in a broader sense than is typical, but what I am saying with that is that he wants to get rid of me, because I am onto the fact that he is scum. He went after me with that wall of text post declaring that I must be scum right after I had definitively voted him as my candidate for lynch.

You can’t townread everyone FireKitten. Who do you suggest we lynch then?


I would be more happy to lynch Eeve but you guys are going to say inactivity is NAI and will not vote him.Which I don’t belive it is true but it seems lynch will be either Vulgard or Solic.I don’t like Vulgard’s first posts and Solic’s last posts.If it going be one of you i am going for Vulgard now.


I’ve already said that the fact I went against you has nothing to do with your final vote, although there was a definite scummy progression there.

At first, you went against me directly, seeing the potential to mislynch.

Then after making that first argument, you started going around a bit; asking people questions, interacting with others for potential towncred, maybe interacting with your scumbud at some point. This was to ensure you would be read positively - as someone who has been helpful and has been asking important questions.

Then you went back to me, going full circle and going back to what you wanted to do in the first place - ensure you want me lynched, and using the argument I made several stupid plays you see as scummy.

Except that is not the progression a town player would make, because a town player would look for somethng else than you did. You were not trying to interact. You were not trying to get a reaction, ask questions, and overall try to find a possibility for scum!me to slip up and say something not town motivated. You were simply discrediting me for my earlier plays the entire time, and despite the fact you seemingly brought different arguments to the table every time, it’s clear this is what you are looking at.

The fact you are slightly mentioning the possibility of me having been VI, only for you to disregard it entirely and try to get me lynched either way based on the same arguments as before, even after I clearly stopped playing this poorly, is proof of you being scum. Because you are scum, you want to feel that your vote looks justified, so you are doing several things on purpose. Making my vote on you look like OMGUS when it is not; attempting to nullify my argument against you by comparing it to my earlier, lackluster posts.

As town, you would need far less justification. You feel this is necessary because you know I will flip town, so you can later point to your posts as an argument against lynching you - after I get mislynched.

Overall, your motivations are far from towny. Most, if not all of your actions have roots in you being scum, and this is why I am voting you, and why I want to lynch you today.


@Firekitten If you needed my full case, this is it, revised.


@htm Your vote on Joker’s empty slot is bad and you should feel bad.


You can say that, but that is definitely up to interpretation and I interpret it otherwise. The timing is way too much of a coincedence. Of course you will say it has nothing to do with it, because it does not fit with the narrative that you are constructing in order to mislynch me.

I just voted people at random and you were the first one to give unsatisfactory responses, so I followed it up with more pressure. You were right that my initial few “reasons” for voting you up were not strong at all, but that was just to check your reactions to it. They pinged me in a wrong way and I saw scum in either you or Marl at that time. It was only the start of the day, so why should I keep my focus on you? I was not sure at that time anyways, so yeah I voted others.

I did not get any better suspects, so I wanted to leave my vote on you when I went to bed, because I honestly did not think we had much time left until EoD and you were at top of my scum list based on your reactions.

I was not sure when I did that vote before I went to sleep, but that enormous wall of text simply affirmed my suspicions. I am not making your vote look like OMGUS, it just is OMGUS.

You are wholeheartedly admitting that you did scummy things and now I am the bad guy for finding them? I “need justification”, so others see that what you are doing is scummy too. I cannot lynch you by myself, so of course I will collect things that support my reads, especially when you are trying to lynch me. If I was not half on trial here, I would feel far less reason to defend myself.

Unless something truly obscure happens I will not move my vote either.