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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


It was no joke… You had cast no votes and if you do not talk or pressure anyone, I cannot read you, nor can anyone else.


I’m not casting votes because I don’t want to sheep or bandwagon.


Nono that is not my narrative at all. It would then be:

VI/scum -> relatively townie -> scum

I was unsure about you, when I had casted my vote against you, but I did want to follow up on earlier suspicions, instead of forgetting about them and letting things slide. That is a mistake I made in previous games and I did not want to do it again. In the morning when you cast that huge wall of text and voted me back, I saw various scumtells of previous games just affirming what I had previously thought. That vote on you being a reaction test worked like a charm to me at least, but I guess noone else is finding it as obvious as I am…


I will let this go now and let others give their thoughts, since we are just running in circles and I actually do not have much time at the moment, but I don’t want this to end in my mislynch.


I’m tired of this. Solic is scum.


Note: This is apparently majority lynch. Which means we need more votes on Solic


Ditto, put votes on Vulgard please.


no u


/vote Vulgard

:woman_shrugging: leaves again


I am very sure at least there is one scum in Vulgard/Solic.I mostly think it is Vulgard but i would like to see how it goes.


no u


I think vulgard is probably town so I’d rather Lynch solic


I agree wholeheartedly


@Memesky Time until EoD?


11 hours and 14 minutes if i can count right till EoD


Ah that’s good, I thought we would have less time.



Vulgard - Ashe,Solic,Margaret (3/7)
MtheJoker’s slot - htm (1/7)
Sam17z - Firekitten,MaximusPrime(2/7)
Solic - Margaret,Marluxion,eevee,Vulgard (4/7)



Switch from the empty slot please.


Ngl I think voting both of these are awful


I’m utterly convinced I found scum, so I’m not switching.