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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


I am to lazy to find the quote up there. But you literally said this and now you are backtracking on it. It is a literal contradiction in your posts and attitude. That is a sure sign of scum, because town has no need to invalidate their earlier posts in order to suit their contextual needs at that moment. Town is Consistent!


How am I backtracking on it? I was in a terrible state of mind, so I went silent for some time. Then I reread the entire thread when I had the chance, and found out that your early posts ping me hard + that I can see a progression scum would make in their thinking.

What I have been consistent about is that my first half is extremely bad and should be invalidated entirely, but that is wishful thinking and it will not happen. So I’m trying to make up for it by actually reading people who jumped on me then, and why they jumped on me.

I am not voting you because this is OMGUS. I’m voting you because of why you wrote what you wrote.

The town motivation behind this is nowhere to be seen for me.


How is that not the definition of backtracking. You are trying to invalidate what you said previously and that is backtracking. Now your explanation could have been valid and I will admit I was not sure with my initial vote, but the fact that you are jumping on me, BECAUSE I have called you out on it is so much classically OMGUS. You can say it isn’t, but that does not make it true.

You also have not addressed the exaggeration in my “extremely scummy beginning”, which for me is your biggest scumtell.


I am not pulling things out of proportion. You are the one who sees this as an exaggeration, not me.

Are you not reading on purpose?


Marl said attack you, so I did.


Can you weigh in on anything?


Look like you and Vulgard are having a hissy fit. Probably TvT if I were to analyse it. However, backtracking from vulgard makes him more sus than you.


There is no hissy fit. I’m sure I found scum.


Also this is much more civil, but that is another matter.


The fact that you have 2 completely different reads from the earlygame and lategame, where you have read the same posts, namely my earlygame, is what is bothering me. I was not definitively pressuring you and going for you in the earlygame, but I am now, so you now you had to change your read on my early game in order to get me lynched instead.

Feel free to support your argument for my “extremely scummy beginning” then to support what is apparently not an exaggeration on your part.


Why, based on this post, would I assume you are going for me hard and try to get you lynched instead?

You are capitalizing on a genuine mistake. Your posts were not obvious scum. Just consider my thought process.

Early posts: “eh Solic’s posts look town so I’m probably dumb like I was when I suggested lynching Marl for no reason”

Later posts: “I analyzed Solic’s posts and they look town, but they have scum motivation behind them”

Your accusation of me actually had very little to do with it. I would push you based on your first ~10 posts no matter what you did afterwards.


The way it is going, we will not have much time before a final lynch is decided, so I’d say you should vote soon and preferably on Vulgard.


Im not jumping on either wagon until both of you explain to me your sides.


My entire argument against Solic is when I made the post containing an ISO of him. The argument remains the same and I am not going to snap out of this.


The fact that the entirety of that post is me saying that I still think there is scum in either you or Firekitten, but Firekitten just said something townie, so that is clearly pointing the finger at you. The fact that you are now pretending to not be threatened by that post at all is just because it does not fit the narrative of your current defense and you know it will look like OMGUS if you do acknowledge it. You voted and made that wall of text directly after I made that post and now you are pretending it has nothing to do with it.


Why did you want a sheep on me and all of a sudden you want my vote?


This is not enough explanation for you? haha, I don’t know how much more you expect I think we should end this soon, because I think it will just consist of him trying to contort every which way in order to twist this on me somehow and since I have initial honestly shitty votes on me, he might just succeed too.


I wanted to sheep on you, because you hadn’t contributed to the conversation and I was trying to pressure inactives into making moves.


You voted me for nothing more than a joke.


I am not trying to defend myself, because there is no need. You are the only one still pushing this narrative of “being VI early but good later is scum”. When this is clearly not the case.