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Mountainous 3 [Canned]


I heard that he is kinda newbie.He can maybe crack easily under pressure too


Oh and true my vote is erased since M replaced out.I see I need to find new target now


I have to sleep now and since we might be hitting lynch soon. I’ll leave my vote on /vote Vulgard. I do not like how everyone is giving him a pass now for what he said at the start and I stand by what I think that there is a scum in Firekitten or Vulgard. Firekitten distinctly references today that he felt way better in Cult in the Jungle, where he was scum and he experiences this game differently. It sounds genuine and it makes him look townier to me.


I really don’t like you. There are several posts that ping me now, and I’m willing to lynch you over Ashe at this point.

Intentional misreading of the message’s intent. That was not overreaction, that was an explanation.

You are making my message fit your intentional misreading. The purpose of that message was quite clear, but you are twisting it to mislynch me.

I don’t even have to say why this is a terrible train of logic, do I?

You must have realized these mistakes, so you unvoted to make sure I don’t pick up on them soon enough.

This is a very long argument that ultimately points to the fact you still intend to (mis)lynch me, only because you disagree with my wild idea. And not because you see me as scummy.

This is actually funny. Very little happened in between, yet you switch your vote from me to someone else for no sensible reason. Suddenly, instead of lynching me, the “found scum” as you pointed out in your previous post, you vote Htm, very visibly buddying with Firekitten and trying to make him read you as town.

This is you trying to gain towncred, little to analyze here.

But. You could say there is hope, because your posts after that are actually fairly reasonable.

This pings me as proof that you switched your tone after talking to your scum partners. After your extremely scummy beginning of the game, as you began gaining ground, you started playing more cautiously and believably - for example, actually voting Firekitten, and going as far as putting him in your lynch pool. But here, your tone is different, even though your accusation against me remains the same. You are the one trying to cautiously backtrack, while also setting up the lynch for the day exactly as you want it.

/vote Solic

Unfortunately, now that I really looked at your posts, I don’t think a town would write them. Town would not do many of the things you did, and your progression looks very scummy to me as well.


It’s mainly because you’re still my top scum, and I’m guessing there are scum among the inactives. I don’t have a super good idea of who the scum team is right now, but chances are you’re in it imo.

I’ll do my best senpai


The ultimate scum strategy - being inactive?


Wohow I really do not like this. I was not completely sure about my vote, but now I am. This brings OMGUS to new levels. I have been focusing more on you, because you were the first one to offer a real explanation beyond naked voting at RVS and respond to me, except for Max, but I do read Max as town in what he did, because that is just what I’m used to from him whenever he was town.

I was gauging your reaction to my post and I did not like what I found.

I do not think it is townie to say that people are overreading. You are acting scummy and I am just calling you out on it.

Do not freaking quote me out of context and show the whole quote. I was unsure in your interactions with Marl and I thought at least one of you must be scum. I however wanted more information on other people as well. It was the start of day 1. It is best to gather a varied amount of information about every player, because then we can read everyone and we do not know who mafia is going to kill. If we just focus on 1 to 3 people then mafia can just kill one of them and we have to what decide a lynch on 2 people? Me trying to put pressure on more than just you, is not me freaking backing off, as is evidenced by me going back later.

You can take this post in isolation, but if you read everything up to it. It is really not that weird I was coming to the conclusion that you were scum. You were suggesting something that I find is a scummy idea, so I want to put more pressure on you. Your wild idea was scummy and everything leading up to that post was scummy, so yes I viewed you as scummy. Feel free to quote anything from me, where I thought you were town before that post.

The sensible reason is that I want to hear more from others than just you. Ultimately I would have time to switch back handily, so I do not see why vote switching is such an issue for you. Besides I did think I could be tunneling, because I read you and was correct in you being scum in the Cult in the Jungle game and was starting to remember that here.

“your extremely scummy beginning”, this fucking pings me and I get a flashback to my apparent huge overreaction in cult in the jungle. I have no doubt in my mind that you are scum now after this post.

Feel free to tell me from who I am “cautiously backtracking” too.

You did not think I had an extremely scummy beginning there.

Also you yourself acknowledged you had scummy posts and now you are calling me out trying to “mislynch” you, when I just have been CALLING YOU OUT on your scummy posts?? You literally agreed with the things I said here, but now suddenly they are scummy, only because I view you as my final lynch option.

I feel like midway the game you have been trying to discredit me in the background the whole time, because I was suspicious of you. OMGUS on the down low if you will. ISO Vulgard and you will see that he mentions me occasionally in off-hand comments, but does not come after me.

Please take a look at Vulgard everyone.


breaking it up to shorter things would help

i could barely bring myself to read through all of that

very… intimidating and slightly boring


Can I restate that I was in a terrible state of mind in that first half, admitted to it, and even selfvoted out of shame, but Solic is apparently ignoring that just to make me look bad


Admitting to it and selfvoting make you more scummy, not less, the way I see it. A VI would be more confident in their beliefs that scum would imo, and selfvoting is AtE.


The problem is I’m not used to being read as VI


It is not that much in my opinion, but the quotes take up a lot of space, but I did want to include them for context, and come on this game has 450 posts or so.


This is a sign of being scum


Solic’s cautious backtracking was actually from me in order to not look too obvious


I will agree that your posts have a townier tone later on.

I went from this

to this:

Because I had 3 votes on me at that time (basically all unsubstantiated, Margaret with no reasoning, Marl for being “too polite” and Eevee for sheeping Marl, which actually should be looked at more too, there is scum on this wagon). I didn’t think we would have the time left in the day to pressure even more inactives and I was fearing that I would get sheeped on and get mislynched when asleep. That was the reason that I decided to go for the scummiest person that would also gain the traction necessary hopefully. I was not that sure at that moment, but your response assures me once more.

You blatantly contradict yourself when you are saying this

and now this

How did you come to find nothing at all at first and now it is an extremely scummy beginning? You were scared that people would believe me and you had to nip that in the bud, so you are backtracking on the things you said at the beginning in order to get me mislynched.

Your wording of “extremely scummy beginning” is also exactly the kind of pulling things out of proportion that was your scumtell for me in Cult in the Jungle, where you said I had a “huge overreaction”, when it is really mild. In that game too you were scum trying to mislynch me and I will be damned if you do it again, god.


How many times do I have to say it? My first half was just VI levels of bad. Are you that surprised I suddenly have a better, more confident, but also different read on you now? You said it yourself that my posts are townier.


Whatever man. If you think being respectful and not having max levels of salt (pun intended) is a scumtell then just get me out of here right now. I don’t like to make personal attacks period unless something truly stupid is happening I will not be rude about it.



Vulgard - Ashe,Solic (2/7)
MtheJoker’s slot - Captain,htm (2/7)
Sam17z - Firekitten,MaximusPrime(2/7)
Solic - Margaret,Marluxion,eevee,Vulgard (4/7)


I am definitely not surprised for it that you now have a different read on it, because I was definitively voting you in this

and you felt threatened by it, so you made that wall of text trying to get me lynched instead, where you changed your read. You planted the seeds earlier, because I was open about my scumread on you and that I wanted you in the lynch pool, so it would not look too out of the blue. Even though those seeds were unsubstantiated as well.


I am voting Vulgard, Memesky. I hope to god others will see the light too. It is so blatant to me in our interactions now.


I’m fully confident that Solic will flip Mafia, which is why I’m pushing this.

Also, your beginning definitely was scummy to me, and what you’re saying hasn’t changed that one bit.

And what you are referring to did not threaten me at all. You were asleep and no one was pushing me.