Mountainous 15er - Dead Chat

If you can see this post, you are dead.

Damn I died

Do we spoil dead chat

Leaning no for reasons I’ll explain in host chat

i want to know if the obvious wolf jake was actually obviously a wolf

I mean you’ll find out today

nope he’s town

Where is kai

Kai replaced out but we didn’t find him a sub before he got lynched

I asked him if he wanted to join dead chat anyway and he said no

@JakeTheWolfie sorry for sucking at the game, my fault, really wasn’t coping well with the result of the general election and was generally distracted

actual possibly good read: tangeld w

I think Marshal may be EVIL

Anyone want to try to guess the entire scumteam for postgame credit?

Is it Arete, SDA, and Jgoes?

Jake loses 10 modbias points

(to be clear modbias points are not a real concept and this is a joke)

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So does that mean my selection is more random, or less random?

It means that I am a city

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Ples add colour