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More ideas on how to make Noble less confirmable


Not voting someone up is very direct counterplay.

Redirect stops an effect from happening as intended without stopping the effect.

But without a trial decide fate has 0 effect. Which is in line with an occupy which you just established as direct counterplay


Occupy and Shield?


Does shield stop emp reap?

I was more trying to parody the idea of everything needing counterplay, it works in theory I suppose but it seems tedious.

Anyway isn’t Ballot Mixing enough counterplay for DF?


Well pretender is neut so I don’t think that counts. But I already stated that I don’t think DF needs dedicated counters (due to the games basic mechanics allowing for it to be countered anyway).

Yes. Also Knight if you are willing to sacrifice yourself


It wouldn’t be a dedicated counter. Ballot mixing is a dedicated counter. It only counters Decide Fate as a side effect.