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More ideas on how to make Noble less confirmable


My reasoning never said it needs to be confirmable, neither its good, or it should be kept that way. I am saying it is only useful for that, and the fix you say its worth nothing because the other effect is useless most of the time, with said ability being used solely to confirm. So yes, want it or not, its their primary use. So, instead of removing that use and keeping the useless side, might as well just rework it entirely to something good. That was my point all along.


Why should it notify someone even if it works?


Why should it work that way to start with
Games are rarely based on exe/pard numbers, like, RARELY
A trial up is much more effective


Also covered that weird argument here
Where did you take from the idea my reasoning is that


Why should it notify someone even if it works?

It can always be deduced by at least one person that someone was forced to vote (unless they voluntarily voted the same as they were forced), so make it explicit to that one single person instead of leaving multiple people able to deduce that fact.


The conclusion I’m getting from this conversation… Is to just remove twin


It would be nice to buff it but I don’t think anyone wants it removed


I do


It only needs Political Pressure to be honest.


Assuming the point of the class, as Social, is to be influential at court votes with the help of their investigative abilities, it does not need any kind of easy confirmation. As discussed, Twin is only good at that. So, if you don’t have a good rework, just remove it anyway, no point in keeping that alongside of how it is currently.


I’d prefer if only the first Noble to use it affected the king. Decide fate needs counters


Still waiting on RH’s counter to emp reap :clap:


Decide fate really doesn’t tbh


Not voting someone you don’t intend to lynch?


Countering decide fate is like countering prince execution, it hurts too much


No? It’s more like countering trollbox. You do it without thinking about it already so a dedicated ability for it is overkill


Countering Prince execution is closer to countering Knight. You only think it hurts because it can’t be done right now


Reap needs counters. Emp reap is a modifier, so it technically doesn’t. And it still has counterplay in the form of Distract. You can also still occupy or redirect the reaper to counter emp reap.

It doesn’t need one, but I’d still prefer it if everything has a counter.

That’s indirect counterplay, not direct. Indirect counterplay is like redirection while direct is like occupation. Redirection changes the target, but doesn’t prevent the ability itself(which occupation does)

Decide fate isn’t on the same level. it has an indirect form of counterplay, not voting up the prince. Prince’s execute doesn’t have any form of counterplay(And don’t say death is counterplay, because it isn’t. It might stop the prince from performing any future executions, but doesn’t stop the current execution). And it wouldn’t hurt too much. Prince is overpowered without any counterplay.



Remove twin add an ability that janks king elections



Remove twin put pants on fire