Monsters: Practice Fight

Monsters: Chapter One [SIGNUPS] link

Turn order will be determined, in the order of the lowest EXP to highest, before switching to the other team. Traditionally, in a battle between Humans versus Monsters, the Humans side will go first, but there are exceptions.
If players have the same EXP, order will be randomised.

During this practice battle, your Traits and Skills will take effect. All players will have the following statistics:

Statistics Sheet

LV - 1
EXP - 0
EXP until next LV - 10
Kills - 0

ATK - 1(2) = 3
DEF - 1(0) = 1
HP - 20
:dagger: Weapon - Broken Stick
:shield: Armor - None



It’s just a regular dummy.

Status - None
Potential ACTions -

  1. Talk
    Maybe Checking the Dummy will reveal something else.

Turn Order -

  1. Boss (Skipped)
  2. James (Checked)
  3. SoulShader (Fight!)
  4. DirectorHail
  5. H_Hja (Fled)
  6. Dummy

Okay, @Boss110 it’s your turn.

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Nice nod to Undertale, Magnus

/Poke the dummy with stick?

I think I do something wrong but I am not sure what

You cannot perform regular actions in combat. You can only do ACTions

Unless you mean Attack?

No way, this thing is DEFINITELY going to explode if I attack it


How do I pass turn?

I play pot of greed and end my turn!

Just do check?

I don’t want to look at it either

Magnu is DEFINITELY putting some sort of trigger in here, like, looking at it will make it explode and go kaboom

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It’s probably invincible, though

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It’s harmless lol

That’s what you say before it reanimated and jump at me

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