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Mistaken Ban... did not hack game deathnote


What happened:
I got banned for hacking the game to put a PNG as my deathnote

What was SUPPOSED to happen:
i was supposde to not get banned because i have never even looked at the game files outside of my steam library

Steps to resolve this issue:

  1. go to my username “JukeBox”
  2. see that I am banned for this thing i didn’t do
  3. un-ban me
  4. ???
  5. Profit


Are you sure your deathnote is appropriate?


I categorically never posted a png which is what the ban is for so I expect it to be reversed, its for 366 days lol.


the exact same thing happened to me 10 minutes ago. it has to be a bug. idk what PNG even means. I definitely dont know how to hack deathnotes to use PNGs


yeah must be some kinda bug. i downloaded the game through steam and i dont even know where the install file is tbh


well if it happened to you and me at the same time, i’m sure it happened to others, and i’m sure the devs will notice that something isnt right, and then prince will release us from jail.


Not necessarily a PNG – any picture. This only happened to 6 out of 50k people, so anyone that admits will receive a 30d ban instead of 1y.

Or if you claim innocent, please join the Discord @ and message i42-Xblade to appeal. Please connect your Steam account to your Discord for verification~

if you are found to be innocent, I’ll unban and give free gold.

However, if I look into it and you really did do this, your info goes straight to Valve :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: so think carefully if you did it and still trying to appeal~ 6 out of 50k is a pretty obscure number to be false positives


Yeah I already messaged you on discord. If and when you investigate this, i’m super interested to see what deathnote this is referring to. This is definitely a scorned play. Nathan and I are his targets.


/vote Xblade

class and logs plz


Still researching - this is a lot of cross referencing, just letting you know I’m still on this.


Everyones unbanned until I finish my research~


So the results are in: Our detection system sucks. We’re still not sure what made you guys stand out among the crowd! Either way, everyones permanently unbanned and granted +gp as a bribery for the troubles. Apologies :frowning:


/execute Xblade


Now that I can’t get banned for this, how do I make some super-cool PNG death notes?


Step one: