[Misc] wifom in front of me tourney mode/on

There are 2 glass of wines. One in front of you (player 1,) 1 in front the other guy (player 2). One of you puts poison to one of them. Other one chooses to switch/noswitch. If you drink the poisonous whine, you lose. We will start with a power of 2 and losers will get eliminated.
Like in world cup, there will be brackets and winners will play with each other. If you like to play, say in.

All credit goes to Gtacc and DS

Edit1: forgot to mention each round lasts until someone beats the other player 2 times
Edit2: for extra spice, final can be winner of 5 (if you win 3 times you win the game)

This not a fm/fol game so ic an host whenever i want, right?

No. Please read Official Hosting Guide