[MISC] VLDR: Virtues Last Danganronpa [MARSHAL WINS]

VLDR: Virtues Last Danganronpa

Hosted by sulit, cohosted by katze

How to Play

The game will shift through three cycles, Discussion, Roaming, and Ambidex, until it is over. Note that this game is complex and has many elements and factors. Please read all of the below before signing up.


During Discussion all players can speak in the main thread. All players will be in the same room, so actions can be performed on other players during this time. You can also choose to end Discussion early by leaving the room. After you have left you can no longer talk in the main thread, and players can no longer perform actions on you.

Discussion will last for 24 hours, or until 3/4 of the total players have left the room.


During roaming all players can move about and perform actions, search for items, attack other players, and explore in a pre-made map via PMs. If two or more people are in the same place they will be added to a PM in which they can talk privately.

There will likely be different puzzles you can solve to get better and upgraded gear.

Roaming lasts 48 hours or until all players say in their PM that they would like Roaming to end.


During Ambidex all players will return to the room Discussion takes place. However, no actions can be performed at this time. Players will publicly vote on 1 of 3 lists that say which players will be paired with whom during the Ambidex Games.

After pairings have been voted on, the main thread will be closed and all players must decide whether to ally or betray their partner in their PM. If a player doesn’t cast a vote they will ally by default. If both partners don’t cast a vote they will both betray by default.

Ally vs. Ally: Both players gain 2 Ambidex Points.
Ally vs. Betray: The person who allied will lose 2 points, and the betrayer will gain 3.
Betray vs. Betray: Both players will earn zero Amdidex Points.

Ambidex Phase will last 48 hours, 24 for voting, 24 to submit Ally or Betray.


If an action a player performs has a chance to fail, a 1d20 will be rolled with discobot. Depending on the action, the player will have one or more of their stats added to the roll. This will determine how successful it is. There are five different stats that can be applied to actions.

Strength (STR): Lifting or pushing heavy things, pulling things, attacking with melee-based weapons, etc.
Precision (PRC): Throwing items, attacking with ranged weapons, doing actions with items that are hard to maneuver, etc.
Endurance (END): How much hits you can, how much you can withstand harmful effects, etc.
Intelligence (INT): Searching rooms, gaining information, healing, building things, etc.
Agility (AGI): Dodging hits, running, attacking with melee weapons, etc.

Inventory and Items

During the game, players may find useful items they want to keep with them, or take them from other players.

Players have a limited inventory space. They have 5 public inventory slots that can be seen by anyone looking into their inventory, and 1 private slot that no one can see unless the player is unconscious or specifically shows it to someone.

In addition, some players may start with an addition private role slot, in which a role item can be stored.


Before the game starts, players will be assigned a role via PM. Roles will dictate unique abilities, stats, items you might start with, your alignment, and your win condition.


However, claiming and speculating on alignment is allowed.

The four alignments are Good, Evil, Wildcard and Neutral.

Good players need to help others, and help as many people escape as possible.
Neutral players need to escape at all costs.
Wildcard players have a more flexible win condition and can end up being any of the other three alignments.
Evil players are there to sabotage others, cause chaos, and cause conflict and potentially death.

There is no role list.

Roles and alignments will not be flipped upon death.


Players submit actions to the moderator in order to interact with other players and the map. These can be anything; picking up an item, punching another player, doing a backflip.

To perform an action, type /action, for example /call Arete a nerd. Actions can be submitted in your PM, in chats with other players, or in the main thread during discussion. You can submit actions anytime except during the Ambidex phase.

Players can set automatic actions for when they are AFK in case something happens to them while they are gone. If they have nothing set I will generally do something for them. I’m not just going to let someone get stabbed because they were AFK.

During roaming, every player will start with 10 Energy. Everytime a player performs an action one of their Energy Points will deplete. If a player runs out, they will still be able to do an automatic action for when they are AFK or counterattack an attacker, but they will not be able to perform anymore actions. If an action fails it will still take away an Energy Point. Energy Points replenish every 24 hours. Energy Points players have every phase will increase as more players die.

In addition to the above, I might add certain time frames where Energy Points do not matter. I will decide this if there is a good time for all players in the game that I would be able to rapidly process actions during.


All weapons will have a certain damage amount. When a player attacks another, I will take the weapons damage amount and add it to the attacks strength. For example, if a player with a strength stat of 4 attacks a player with a weapon that does four damage, they will do eight damage.

If a player attempts to dodge an attack I will roll a 1d20 and choose a number depending on how the player is attacked. If the number rolled is more than that number the player will successfully dodge.

I am flexible processing combat actions and might award more damage points for creativity.

Health is calculated by 20+(5*END stat). If a player takes more damage than this they will be knocked out. If a player is hit after that they will die.

Medical items will have a flat healing amount, and extra healing will be added on by the INT stat*2.

Ambidex Points and Winning

Every player will start with 4 Ambidex Points. Ambidex Point totals will be visible at all times in the OP. If a player ever has less than one Ambidex Point they will immediately die.

If a player has more than or equal to 11 Ambidex Points, they can access the Door Number 11 that is located in the map. When the door is opened, it will remain open for 11 seconds, then it will close forever and the game will end. Only players with 11 points or more can exit the door.

The Ambidex Game is the only way to earn Ambidex Points, and the Door Number 11 is the only way to escape.

Game Maps And Room Descriptions

Map 1

Medic Cabin: A small, clean cabin, looking recently abandoned. Has a long table in the middle and many cabinets, with a counter running along the wall

Ruins: What looks like large stone pillars and broken down buildings. Is that… writing?

Prison: An abandoned, rusty looking building. Inside there are 3 cells in a desk, however most of the doors are off their hinges and only one seems to be functioning.

Treehouse 1: A cozy little home with a fire place in the corner, burnt out. There’s a small living area and a bedroom, as well as a kitchen.

Treehouse 2: Almost identical to the first treehouse, except there is no fireplace.

Lake: A large lake with sandy shores. Who knows what could be lurking in its depths.

Greenhouse: A large greenhouse. The windows are fogged up but you can see a lot of green hues.

Clearing: Just a large clearing. The group agreed to meet here every 4 days.

Map 2


Breaking any of the below will first give you a warning, and breaking them again will result in a force replacement or a modkill.

  1. Follow all Global Forum Rules
  2. Do not discuss the game outside this thread or in your PM(s)
  3. Do not copy and paste, directly quote, or screenshot anything sent by me.
  4. Do not game throw, or go directly against your win condition.
  5. Do not angleshoot.
  6. Do not edit or delete any posts in the main thread or in any PMs.
  7. Do your best to be active, doing actions and posting every phase, getting Ambidex actions in.
  8. Claiming role, win condition, and stats is strictly not allowed, as is speculating on them. This will result in a immediate mod kill. Alignment speculation is allowed.
  9. Mod has the right to add, change, or remove rules.

Signing Up

To sign up, do /in, /join, just express interest in joining in the thread. Also please say your timezone and a time frame(s) that you would be able to be the most active for you/would be the most convenient for you. You can convert it to EST for brownie points.


  1. NetherNitro - 10 AP
  2. DatBird - Dead
    3) Marshal - 11 AP
  3. Moleland - Dead
  4. Magnus - 8 AP
  5. Zone_Q11 - Dead
  6. Mist - Dead
  7. Italy - Dead
  8. KyoDaz - Dead
  9. Trustworthy Liberal - Dead
  10. Alice - Dead
  11. Simon - 8 AP


  1. Apprentice
  2. PKR


  1. Napoleon
  2. Jane
  3. Geyde

Please read the whole OP before joining. This is extremely important. This is not a game where you can just ignore the OP.


Tagging people who were interested.

Again, PLEASE read the whole OP before joining.

Tag me with any questions about the game.

The game will start May 28th at 11PM EST. I will send out roles when the game fills most likely.


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any time from like 10am cst -> 2 am cst

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