[MISC] Trust and Deception (Reposted) - SIGNUPS (4/6)

Time is running out for all of us.
Welcome to Trust and Deception! You have to trust your friends… but not too much. You have to be deceitful… but not too obviously.
After a terrible mistake, you had to flee for your lives from a magical Wizard. The Wizard raised up monsters to pursue you all, making sure you’d all die, before leaving; probably because he was late to a dinner party. The Survivors escaped to a nearby manor, locking the front door behind them. Hoping they had found safety, they soon realised what they had done… they were rats in a trap.

All players will start in the main hall. When players are in the same room, they can talk freely to one another, but eventually they will have to separate and try to escape. Each player can use one action per phase. There is only limited time to escape.

But there’s a twist.

Only one player can escape. Why? Because there is only one exit that is unguarded, and it requires a key to pass through it. There is, unfortunately, one key. Those who get left behind will inevitably die, so they HAVE to get the key, even if it means Killing you.
As well, there are monsters. Killing monsters will earn you LV (1-6 max). The more LV you have, the stronger you are. The stronger you are, the more likely you will survive.
When someone gets the Key, all players will be alerted that [x] has found the key. So as soon as you get it, prepare to run. In addition, as soon as the key is disturbed, all monsters will get stronger.

Statistics -

LV HP Strength EXP
1 20 10 0
2 24 12 10
3 28 14 30
4 32 16 60
5 36 18 100
6 40 20 150

Ask me questions if something makes no sense.
Edit; this is NO LONGER a Turbo Misc.

This game only requires 6 players! That’s not a lot!

  1. James
  2. KyoDaz
  3. JakeTheWolfie
  4. DirectorHail (agreed to join irl)

Who is the Wizard?

Cough Me cough cough

Of course.
This game oughta get /:b:ined

Get dunked on.
James Died.



Time for a big ping.


Nice try but I don’t play misc games unless they’re based on a board game (like Clocktower).

It’s is, but adapted.

light themers smh

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I can change it.

What board game is this game based off of then?
If it isn’t then I definitely will not play.

please do im not changing to light theme or my eyes burn

Mario Party minigame.

Lol no

Which colour? I made a temporary solution.

Maxwell has been added.

fine with me

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