[MISC] The Purge - Interest Check

In an America ravaged by crime and overcrowded prisons, the government sanctions an annual 12-hour period during which all criminal activity – including murder – is legal.

During this 12 hour Purge, taking place overnight, you will have the choice to do literally anything. But you also want to survive.
Even if you survive this Purge, anyone you stole from or punished may get back next year. So if you victimise anyone through thievery or something just as bad, they can’t be left alive to know about it.

Purgers -

  1. GamerPoke (in)
  2. Marshal (showing interest)
  3. JakeTheWolfie (In)
  4. James (in)
  5. DirectorHail (I’m here against my will)

You DO NOT have to partake in crime! You DO NOT have to just murder everyone (like seen in the movies). You have a choice too!

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I’ll be in

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I saw that

I misclicked.


How do you know my father?

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Let’s vote;

  • National Laws Suspended
  • ALL laws (including international) suspended
  • No preference, i’ll enjoy this either way.

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I’ll join

don’t ask how I can afford to host this while hosting something else at the same time

When 5 people has inned/showed interest i’ll post the cs template to be given privately to me

Also /in

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I’ll just post the CS


Name -
Gender -
Age -
Personality -
Job -
Skill -
Physical Description -

DM me with your CS.
If you want to be related to another player (brother or something) get their permission first, then tell me.

if i join this, how many of you will band together with me to overthrow the bourgeoisie, and screw with companies?

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I might.
Really depends.


I didn’t say no, I just want to think about it.