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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


I was right, sharks with legs.
So fish people, crabs, what else?
And how did the egg move, or was there more than one egg?
Was the egg itself a monster?


basically lol


So what other monsters were there?


That’s in reference to his own game, I believe.


I mean, there was so much potential for other monsters!
An urchin that shoots spikes! A really big clam that has a tongue to scoop up prey!
A large seagull-thing with sharp wings!
Hell, just borrow half the things in Austrailia!


hadn’t decided : p


So what was the kind of crab the giant crab was?
Hermit? Normal kind of crab?


just a crab


Was it even hostile?




What would the egg have hatched into?


one of the claw fish dudes

but smaller


Okay, I’m probably going to make a game like this. I’m 100% not going to host it, but I could probably co-host it. To not over complicate things, I’ll have much less starting trait stuff.


Would the fish monsters even want to attack me since I’m a fish myself? :thinking:


you were wearing a human face though


I could have just taken it off though


Who wants to help me make a game like this?


not me


…how dare you…


No that was my game xd