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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


Why host a game if you don’t even plan to finish it .-.


Right, why would you do that? :eyes:


Also whos idea was to make marg leader


Also i told you this was forum mafia


I planned to ffinish it


Boopy probably planned to as well then right…?


‘I didn’t enjoy hosting this so its scrapped’


I sure as heckle planned on finishing this, I’m a freaking fish dude


Also my scum radar was off this game sorry @BlueStorm


I just find it a tad hypocritical coming from you right after you exactly have done the same thing. The fact that you didn’t explicitly state the same reason is irrelevant to me, but alas I can understand your disappointment.


The moderrors ruined the game it was literally unplayable


The literal scumteam itself was still on board to play. Regardless, I’m not disputing if it was a valid can or not for whatever reason. Just saying that Boopy might have reasons of her own too.


By moderrors, you just mean, you not using good actions :thinking:


I was a lazy man


Oddly enough, my role is way too fitting with me… was the roll rigged?


Yeah, I know.
That’s not my point.


Of course the guy with an inq pfp rolled the prot wizard


i didn’t realise how stressful it would be, like i said


with the exceptions of a few typos i didn’t make any errors


theye were gonna be fish people with big claws and shit