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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


I didn’t join MFoL 1?


You joined this and clearly it’s just some joke to you


I have decided to scrap the game, the Dusk and Nightfall phases of Day 1 were incredibly stressful for me, and probably a demonstration as to why I shouldn’t run freeform games, I’m also not really having fun, and I run games because it’s fun to do so.

I was mostly just pulling things out of my ass anyway


If anyone wants to run a game using the same sort of things as this, you don’t need to ask.


Shame, this looked very interesting from an outsider perspective. It’s important to have fun with it though! :slight_smile:


Oh look, eevee was main character instead of Margaret.

What a surprise.


fun fact Margaret’s Doll would have just told her to kill everyone regardless of alignment


Oh wow, look who was right on that :wink:
(Also, Eevee, I think you should have kept your mouth shut instead of complaining, I really enjoyed this game and I really wanted it to keep going)


Yeah I know

I opted to become the NK out of just freeform will

Hence why I also silenced myself to get them to think i was ok

and then I would leave a few left after some days, leaving off eevee, marl, BlueStorm & nerbins


Marg, how did you know I had a weapon? I never said I had one :eyes:


We really fuckin’ elected Jakrel Byers as the first leader, bruh


It’s called taking charge, I like it :3


But yeah I really liked the concept of this and would love for someone to run something like this again


PoisonedSquid and Jakrel Byers Day 0


Well god diddly dammit.
You absolute *$#^&/-!


You just had to out your goal after getting yeeted by Marg!
Granted my plan before that was stupid but it might’ve worked!


This was awesome.
So what were the monsters?
BTW I don’t blame you for canning this, it looked like a lot of work.



I actually attacked Metereo before he said he was a wizard LOL


Just the action didnt process until AFTER


RNG Goddess strikes again.