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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


I would rather take it. I’m afraid someone could be coming over and doing something to me that’ll cause me to not be able to move


Let’s take bets on what the monsters will look like.
We already got the stereotypical giant crab.
I’m calling shark with legs will appear next.


Fine, but if I suspect someone is onto me, I take the role.


Lol if it does, yall arent going underwater


Yeah cuz I already suspect you of being a paranoid gun owner


What do you think one of the monsters is, Marg?




One of them must be god as related to MY lore


I mean, if he wasn’t, we wouldn’t have this flood, now would we?
Anywho gotsta slep now.
I’m sticking with floor 2 cuz adventure and shit.


I’m quoting this to have it further down in the thread

Dusk will start later today


I will give bluestorm whisky


If I find a hearing aid I’ll let you know


Idek what the deaf condition does because I can still hear and talk to you guys. Has anyone got something like ‘you hear something approaching’?

Maybe I can’t tell when people ascend to my level or something


You might be more surprised by monsters or something, idk

I feel like we should try to figure out what exactly the effect of this is

I also believe you when you say this as if it were a fakeclaim then you’d try and explain what it would do rather than not have a clue about it


Is that another of this 1 year long nights?



Don’t annoy boopy or the night becomes worse




Not you, but your game.




Then why’d you join