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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


And once again, if you’re so worried about a monster, 1 action is all it takes to get a weapon

Heck you can even get a weapon MID COMBAT


Like what, want us to just ignore every floor under floor 5?

We all know for a fact those will flood if we continue to be so damn skimpy with our adventures


Hold up, bucko, you said that you somehow know that me, Marl and Gamer have weapons, but yet you said that only Marl has a real weapon?! What is the truth, Celeste?!


I’m not saying we shouldn’t ignore the lower floors, I’m just saying it’s not beneficial for you to suddenly change a plan without telling us


Squid, a REAL weapon

Not one of those flimsy things

Im talking guns or swords or actually something that deals damage

In the case of a giant crab, it has armor. Guess what, useless against it


Other weapons exists besides guns and swords! What makes other weapons useless here?!


Continually tells them to run away at first sight of a monster

Also I literally gave 4 hours to veto the new setup


Yes, let’s hit a giant armored crab with a stick.
At this point, I’m not against using Squid as a weapon.


No, you said “Oh, let’s let these guys fight the monster” and then suddenly
“Whoops, guess you have a chance of drowning OwO”


Literally no chance of drowning unless you intentionally use up all your actions


Can you even use another player as a weapon at this point? Cause I sure know who to sacrifice to the crab if I had to pick one person


You can obviously use another person as a weapon, tear off their arm and slap them in the face with it


Or if someone incapacitates me in some way :thinking:


I wonder if we can use Meteoro’s body as bait somehow?


Gets the feeling that Squid is going to betray someone on the floor


We could try to do that at this point, tbh. Maybe it’ll be a way to expose it to more attacks


Okay yeah, one of the people on floor 2 is getting Diver.


Honestly, wouldnt be surprised if a fresh dead body got eaten already by the monsters, but Marl was so adamant on going


I believe roles only work in daytime


We can’t use the body as bait if Marl eats it first!
That just means we’ll have to use Marl as bait, and he has a gun!