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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


Lowest floor floods at midnight
We arent exactly sure if we return to floor 15 at midnight, automoving or if they stay there until daylight (which kills them as it floods)


Wait, I thought the monster was on the third floor, not the second


We’re avoiding the monster


But what’s the point of sending us to the second floor?


It’s gunna be flooded soon


I feel like this is Marg’s way of sending us to our deaths, but ah well.
/go to floor 2


There was a big ol’ crab on floor 2.


That’s what I’m afraid of. She said she would want us at Floor 3 to attack the monster from the egg, but instead sends us to the lowest floor where we might drown. I sense something odd about her


She killed a wizard.
Unless there’s an NK in this, she’s definitely trustworthy.


Still, that doesn’t mean that her goal isn’t to kill everyone on this ship. She could possibly be an NK


This isn’t a ship.


That feeling when you have no diver so you’re trying tk scavenge all the crap from the lower floors and they think you’re trying to kill them


Boi, at least tell us beforehand if you think about changing your plan!


Also, like unless you’re actual idiots during dusk or twilight you can easily use one action to move all the way up to floor 15

And like I said before, run immediately if you see a monster, not worth the time



Yall said you werent prepared to fight monsters so now your collectors :thinking:

If you arent fighting, what else are you doing


Bish, do you not know the possibility of someone locking us in the floor?!


They cant lock the floor
Boopy said no to that


I said if I didn’t have the right materials during the Dawn Phase, I wouldn’t be fighting. But that only affects me, not the rest of the fighter squadron!


Since its an open stairwell, its too complicated to barricade, hence why you cant block it


Squid, the only person with an actual weapon is the guy with the loaded gun and me unless people aren’t saying what they got

We know for a fact half of us used most of our actions on looking for parts or monster eggs. AKA weaponless