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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


Do you want all the feedback I got for my actions






Disappointed u didnt fall for the trap but oh well


Duh, I was given wincon D:


Yes yes

But you special


eevee is usualy physical, not special attacker.

But fine, I can accept it.


My wincon is that me and Margaret are meant to be a pair at the end of the game.

For that I need to take her on dates all around tower.


I get the heebie jeebies reading this.


@Geyde if you ever come up with any info regarding our host, Mr. Byers, tell me.

I need to find out what happened to my employer.

You know, without him, I won’t get my money for my work… and with money…
Ummm… I guess I will dive to aquatic shops.

Dayum, that’s a good idea!



Ive had a feeling for a while that someone IS the monster but if it is infact a player, we aren’t ready to fight it



It’s daylight already, time to prepare some sending plan.


Margaret’s Bad Proposal
GamerPoke: Floor 15 - Meets up with Marluxion Floor 12 in Dusk
Margaret: Floor 14
Eevee: Floor 11
BlueStorm: Floor 8
Luxy: Floor 8
Marluxion: Floor 5 - Meets up with Gamerpoke on Floor 12 in Dusk
PoisonedSquid: Floor 2
Geyde: Floor 2
Nerbins: Floor 2


So you don’t want to check floor 11 with me?

Fine I guess.


I can live with it.




/send GamerPoke - Floor 15
/send Margaret - Floor 11
/send Eevee - Floor 11
/send BlueStorm - Floor 8
/send Luxy - Floor 8
/send Marluxion - Floor 5
/send PoisonedSquid - Floor 2
/send Geyde - Floor 2
/send Nerbins - Floor 2
/send Metereo - Hell




I have a feeling someone on Floor 2 is going ti forget to move LOL