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[Misc] The Flood (Scrapped)


I have A gun, I don’t need to find a weapon

I’m going to focus on building the raft tbh


The only weapon I have is probably the most potent, but I also don’t know how to activate it.


I mean, I should of picked Hunter and Margaret assistant tbh, but she is stubborn in not noticing what I try to tell her.
Info I got is gamechanging, but she doesn’t trust it, hence I still want to take her to camera room to prove it, cause why not.

If not - theirs fault for neglecting info.



Margerarg is the leade




So I advise you all to make an optimal STATEMENT for YOU only as in, if you only want to be with a certain individiual or on a certain floor… just tell me

Otherwise, I’m going to make this very good


Floor 15


I want to be with Margaret alone on floor 11 :’)


@Jazz does it cost an action to read my note?


@Margaret you killed Meteoro on Floor 5 right?
Send me there


Remember to check body for clues before eating it.



If I get sent to the floor with the monster and I don’t find what I need, then I have absolute permission to run away, got it?


Of course


/Replace our


/save the team

aka replace in


Hey @Geyde are you a weather wizard?

If so, tell us, so we can sign you better to teams.
You will need someone to defend you from monsters, while you practice spells to save us from a floor.


I have not been given class card yet


I am no weather wizard (?)


Then what are you :thinking:

Do you have an action limitation where you must be the last one to submit actions?
What’s the colour of your wincon?
Do you have any raft parts?
What was Merc’s actions?
Who do you think you’ll get along with?


Waits patiently


I’m paranoid.

  1. no, only informed (?)
  2. there was no given wincon
  3. no
  4. Investigate walls and ceilings/examine egg/move to floor 5
  5. I don’t know.